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like blood in the body, like wind in the water

i crossed over to the sea of light, follow me into the sea of light-sioux.

washing machines, fucking hell-sioux.

I have been a siouxsie fan since the age of 8. Seeing Siouxsie live has been a goal of mine since the farewell tour(the rapture) i cried for a week when i found out that my friend decided not to pick up a ticket for me, and not let me know- my second chance was the creatures anime animus tour. On my way to get tickets another friend stopped me and said don't get one, i have all access passes and a spare ticket as well-- and then his lies cost me that show, but i did have a chance to see them in a diff city on same tour, went to ticket master to pick up the tickets and they said they were sold out , and i told them yeah i know i got the last one, gave them the confirmation number and well the person sold me a invisible ticket so i missed that tour-double heart break. the fourth time was the 7 yr. itch tour-- that fell through because of work- then there was the most recent and the most hurtfull, the evening with Siouxsie at the house of blues chicago. i spent the last bit of money i had to buy that ticket, and was oh so excited finally everyting was going to work, called house of blues line to make sure my directions were correct-- the show date was wrong-- the show was on the second and the ticket master bitch told me it was the third-- i checked the sites i kept up with the dates, but like a week before the show the sioux site had updated(i'm guessing that as i checked before that week and the date will still the cancelled date) and the ticket master bitch she gave me the wrog date--then the assholes wouldn't even refund my ticket--i had to have my bank do a recall, and still ticket master assholes they knew the ticket wasn't used they had the info-- and still would not refund--it took me a month to get over that one.
So I am awaiting for the next tour. hopefully the 6th time will be the magik one.
oh yeah, i was supposed to go see them @ lollapalooze--but had to work as well--so i guess that's 6 time.
Now-- i've finished a mix of the songs Temple of Dawn, City Island, And Imagoro-- into one 70 minute long meditation.
it is titled Laitechs, a meditation at the Temple of Dawn on Imagoro City Island.
I'm sending that off to Siouxsie and Budgie to see if they might be able to give me permission to use it commercially-- or *gasp* (wish me luck) will like my solo stuff and their mix enough to give me work doing some producing for singles and handouts and stuff.
I'm also working on a DvD of personal stuff as well as a Siouxsie retrospective to accompany a 2 hour long mix i'm working on currently.
just thought i'd write a novel to say hello.
AND I LOVE SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES AND THE CREATURES AND THE GLOVE AND THE CURE AND THE SMITHS AND MORRISSEY-- the so called holy trinity banshee, cure, smiths-- and they have all worked with eachother-- well except Robert and Steven(they have animosity twords eachother)
till then,
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