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SIOUXSIE post (ala Marcassa style)

soo I was walking earlier to my allergy shot.
I decided to listen on my discman...Twice Upon the Singles (Siouxsie)
Ok...I am really starting to get excited for the Siouxsie show. She is playing 3 nights here in NYC. I have tix for one...but I can always go another night. I wanted to go to night 1. Last time I saw her ( and I have many x) was for the 7 yr itch at Roseland 2 yrs+ ago. Oh boy that show...and I was almost smack against the stage.

When I was 15...summer of '85 I was 15 & 1/2 yrs old...I was working in Maryland and DC with my dad. Cities in the dust was hot! I played that 12" vinyl constantly that summer...I had already been a huge fan since '81 with Juju and the Scream. I even made my dad put on his answering msg that summer Dazzle. LOL. (off of the awesome Hyaena cd...circa '84). My dad till this day goes around singing "Christine...the strawberry girl...Christine..banana plit lady". *giggles*
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