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look at you you look just like siouxsie sioux--dead milkmen

i've been playing this game called psychonauts it's my third time round the game--i'm back on the milkman conspiracy- and the rainbow sprite girls for some odd reason make me think of siouxsie sioux--their so cute yet so violent-- the battle cry of the rainbow sprite girl makes me giggle.
yeah, i know not really siouxsie related--but i do come in more than 1 dimension--
what i really wanna talk about is the gifthorse sets-- you can order from the
i got both sets-- they come with 3 cd's total--mine was actually missing the rocket ship cd.
and if you wanna talk amazing the errie christmas track 'red wrapping paper'= it's soooo an siouxsie x-mas.
siouxsie can even make christmas errie.
just read the lyrics;

Red Wrapping Paper

her blinding tears formed an ice lake
recalling how things fell apart
marooned and inconsolable
thinking of christmas past
suddenly quite unexpectedly
a presence catches her eye
a pure red flash of contrast
settled on a pure white sigh

dying of thirst by the lake there
under the sentinel pines
in a frozen gasp of her making
exhaling glacial designs
there was a bursting out of the darkness
its flickering caught in her eye
a bright rubescent promise
arrived on a cardinal high

the air is transformed and altered
her body and senses thaw
with warmimng infusing aromas
of cinnamon amber and clove
lined in a crimson plush there
cushioned in a scarlet desire
a blush full flushed and flaming
a gift wrapped in glittering fire

in red wrapping paper.
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